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Logitech could be about to acquire Plantronics

Why it matters: Logitech, renowned for their selection of gaming and non-gaming peripherals, has had a tough six months with their shares dropping by almost 20%. In an effort to …

Science & Research

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Bloodhound SSC: How do you build a car capable of 1,000mph?

Bloodhound SSC Share this story Update: It’s Thanksgiving weekend in the US, so many Ars staffers are working through leftovers instead of to-do lists. And with the recent news that …


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Logitech is reportedly offering $2.2 billion to bring Plantronics headsets into its hardware empire

Logitech, the manufacturer best known for its computing peripherals like keyboards and web cameras, is in talks to buy Plantronics, a maker of bluetooth-enabled headsets, according to Reuters. The company is …


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Mark Zuckerberg: You Can Trust Me, or You Can Trust One of America’s Most Respected Newspapers

Facebook’s scandals in recent memory have included reckless sharing of user data with third parties like the now-defunct Cambridge Analytica political firm, several high-profile security breaches, and continued abuse of …